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36- Angin

Tentera utusan Allah hadir melalui ngin sejuk yang menderu..
Moga kesejukan yang mencengkam melemahkan tentera Basyar..
Moga kesejukan yang hadir tidak bisa menusuk temulang rakyat yang teraniaya..
Moga angin yang dingin menjadi hangat buat mereka yg menjadi mangsa..

35- What I Always Do When..


what i always do when i got worries n heart ache.. 😀

♥ ~ cry..cry n cry..till i calm..ehehe but for sure not screaming :p

♥ ~ When im crying.. i do pray to Allah to give me some strength either ^_^
[ istighfar + sollu alan nabiyy.. ]

♥ ~ And to make it release well.. wake up on midnight then pray @ tahajud or qiamullail.. then cry again.. 😀
[ feeling like HE very close to me ]

♥ ~ read or listen to quran.. =)
[ the best ever love letter ]

p/s : believe it or not..ill cool down faster.. try ur own (^^, ♥~